How can you help?

St. Timothy has started a new ministry in response to the needs arising from the Corona Virus outbreak. This ministry, named Care Angels, is described below. If you would like to volunteer to serve as a Care Angel, call 985-626-3307 Ext 124.

Where We Will Serve:

St. Tammany Parish, Washington Parish, eastern Tangipahoa Parish. We will be working with our 38 sister UMC churches in this area.

Who We Will Serve

We will serve everyone in the area who has needs which we can effectively meet. Our primary focus will be on serving our senior residents aged 70+ and others who may not have the resources to meet their food and other needs.

Who Will Serve:

This is a lay led ministry. Pastor Candy Foster will lead the Pastoral Team ministering to spiritual needs. We want to ensure that all Care Angels serve in a manner which reflects God’s grace and love, in addition to following clearly defined safety protocols.

What We Will Serve:

Primarily food and prescription needs, along with other limited convenience errands. For those with food needs, we will inform them about the resources available through the Samaritan Center, Northshore Food Bank and the Mission Pantry. We will deliver food from these organizations for those needing delivery.

How We Will Serve:

We will seek to first do no harm, insuring that Care Angels have disposable gloves, protective masks and disinfectants, and they maintain social distance. Interactions with care receivers will be via phone, email and text. Deliveries/payments will be left on the porch. We will offer to pray with the care receivers, and ask if they would like to speak with a pastor and/or have someone check up on them weekly.

Contact Us:

Call 985-626-3307 Ext 124 for Care Angel Ministry to volunteer.